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Wheel Chair
Wheel Chair

For those whose mobility is limited, a wheelchair is an indispensable item. It provides additional independence to the user both inside and outside the house and lessens the need for additional assistance.

Advantages  Of The Folding Wheelchair:
Some of the primary advantages many cite  include the following:
- Quickly folds down for easy transport without the need for disassembling the chair
- Has more adjustable features like swing-out leg rests
- Provides flexibility while traveling over rough or uneven terrain
- More comfortable for the user
- Easier to push manually
- Some models can actually be lighter than standard-framed wheelchairs
- Able to be stored in small spaces, such as hall closets and under beds

WH710 Steel Wheel Chair Manual, Economy Type
Standard Features:
  • Economy steel wheelchair
  • Chromed steel frame
  • 8" PVC castor, 24" solid wheel
  • Fixed armrest and footrest
  • Packed in corrugated box
WH705 Steel Wheel Chair Manual, Attendant Type

Designed to be propelled by an caregiver or friend who will push the wheelchair using the handles, and thus the back wheels are rimless and often smaller. These chairs are typically used as transfer chairs to move patients around places.

Standard Features:

  • The model designed to operate by attendant
  • CHROME steel frame
  • Maintenance free solid rear wheels
  • Packed in corrugated box
WH720 Steel Wheel Chair Manual, Meg Wheel
  • Wheelchair with Chromed frame
  • 8" PVC front castor
  • 24" solid meg wheel
  • fixed armrest & footrest
WH750 Steel Wheel Chair Manual, Heavy Duty Meg Wheel
Standard Features:

  • Steel Frame, Double Cross bar.
  • Fixed Armrest, Fixed Footrest.
  • Solid castors Heavy Duty Meg Wheel.
  • Packed in corrugated box
WH820 Steel Wheel Chair Manual, Detachable Armrest & Foot Rest With Leg Rest
Standard Features:

  • Steel Manual Wheel Chair
  • Detachable Armrest, & Footrest with Leg rest.
  • PU Castor, SOLID Rear Wheel With Spokes.
  • Patient Controlled Brakes.
WH910 Wheel Chair, Aluminium
  • The lightweight aluminum frame
  • Casters 6-inch PVC material;
  • Rear wheels 22 inches PU material;
WH950 Wheel Chair, Aluminium with Extra Cushion
Standard Features:

  • Powder Coated Aluminium frame wheel chair folding type
  • Extra cushioned soft seat
  • SWING AWAYarmrest and footrest.
  • 8" PVC Castor, 24" Quick release DETACHABLE Sold Meg Wheel
  • Patient Controlled Brakes.
WH725C Steel Wheel Chair Manual - for Children
Standard Features:

  • Children type AVALIABE IN CHROME PLATED steel frame
WH869LA Wheel Chair - Aluminium - Light Weight Folding Arms
  • Folding aluminum frame
  • 8-inch front wheel, 24-inch manual rear wheel
  • Fixed armrest and footrest
  • Load-bearing: 100KG
WH870 Steel Wheel Chair, Manual - Recliner Back
Standard Features:

  • Economy steel wheelchair
  • Power coated steel frame
  • 8" PVC castor
  • 24" solid wheel,
  • Flip up and mobile armrest elevating footrest
  • Reclining high back
WH1100 Wheel Chair, Electronic - Trasit Type

User can make the electric wheelchair. move forward, backward or turn round in the same place only by the controller When the power is not enough ,it can be used as the transit wheelchair.

Standard Features:

  • Transit Type Electronic Wheel Chair
  • Powder Coated Steel Folding Frame.
  • Detachable Armrest & Footrest.
  • Half-folding backrest
  • Puncture proof tyres
  • Mileage range: 20km
  • Load capacity: 110kg
WH1200 Commode Chair / Stool, Adjustable

Standard Features:

  • Anodized Chair frame is fitted with commode Seat with cover.
  • A removable plastic bowl with Carrying handle is also provided with the chair.
  • Chair is adjustable in height for the comfort of the patient.