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Before you buy Breast Pump
Before you buy Breast Pump

Most of the obstetrician and gynecologist promote the use of breast pump to encourage women to continue breast feeding. A breast pump can be godsend for nursing mom. By extracting milk so you can store it in bottles for later feedings, it lets you leave your baby for more than two or three hours between nursings. This offers obvious advantages to working mom. But even if you don't work, pumping frees you to go out for the evening or long afternoon.

There are two main types of breast pumps, manual and mechanical. The manual pumps are very affordable and comfortable. The advantages manual pumps have on other mechanical or electricity operated ones are portability, no dependency on electricity, easy, convenient, comfortable and its capacity to pump more milk faster than electric pump.

Breast pump is a valuable tool to help women continue breast feed longer, thereby providing their baby with best possible nutrition. A breast pump provide mothers their independence, more so if they are working women. Proper planning will certainly help women to incorporate breast feeding into their daily life without compromising on independence and nutrition to the new born baby.
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