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Walking Sticks
RH082 Crutches Elbow / Forearm, Adult (Pair)
  • Telescopic, light weight Aluminium tube constructed unibody crutch has arm length & hand to ground distance adjustable with spring locking pins in proper notch.
  • Forearm cuff & hand grip is of moulded plastic.
  • Fitted with PVC tip.
RH083 Walking Stick (Aluminium) Adjustable
  • Height adjustable.
  • Light weight and economical anodized Aluminum stick / cane have a "L" or "U" shape handle for better grip.
  • Silencer ring locks the stick securely in place after a height adjustment is made by slipping spring locking pin.
  • Fitted with non-slip rubber shoe.
Cane / Stick
RH084 Walking Cane / Walking Stick (Aluminium), Fixed
  • Anodized aluminium bright polish fixed height
  • Cane is fitted with L shape handle for better grip and a PVC shoe.
RH085 Walking Stick (Four legged), Adjustable
  • Metallic stick with "U" shape hand grip. Broad base with specially angled legs, can be held close to user body for maximum support.
  • Height is adjustable
  • Fitted with rubber shoe for safety.
  • Powder Coated