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Cervical Splints
RH101 Cervical Pillow
    Size : Universal

    Feature :
  • Resilient, firm and washable foam
  • Combined with cotton to give comfortable support to the Neck.

  • Application :
  • Offers support to patients suffering from cervical spondylosis
  • Provides proper extension for faster recovery
  • Enhances full support to the neck allowing shoulder & upper back muscle to relax
  • Gives relief from stress in case of back pain
RH104 Cervical Collar Hard Adjustable
    Size : S, M, L

    Feature :
  • High-density polythene sheet
  • Proper foam padding for comfort
  • Double layer facilitates height adjustment
  • Holes for ventilation
  • Velcro closure for easy application

  • Application :
  • For cervical spine immobilization
  • Used during Pre and post surgical cases
  • Provides rigid support and strong immobilization
RH106 Cervical Collar Soft Eyelet
    Size : S, M, L, XL

    Feature :
  • Washable and high-density PU foam
  • Contoured at the below chin level for proper support to lower cervical spine
  • Holes for better ventilation

  • Application :
  • Semi-Rigid support to the lower cervical spine
  • Used during cervical spondylosis
  • During whiplash injuries
RH108 Philadelphia Collar
    Size: S, M, L, XL

  • Two Piece design with proper velcro provision for comfortable fitting. Holes for ventilation
  • Provides Preformed Chin support
  • Front opening for tracheotomy
  • Washable foam to maintain hygiene conditions

  • Application:
  • Pre and Post operative cases
  • Severe Spondylosis
  • Rigid support to the mild and lower cervical spine
RH109 Cervical Collar (Boneless)
    Size : Child, S, M, L

    Feature :
  • Soft foam collar to provide mild support to the neck
  • Washable foam and fabric to maintain hygiene

  • Application :
  • Provide proper posture with mid support
  • Prevents any muscle pull or hyper flexion or extension while travelling
  • Preventive care for neck while reading, watching T.V.
  • Used as semi- rigid collar for daily routine jobs
  • During whiplash injuries or hyper extension injuries
RH110 Ambulance Collar
    Size : S, M, L

    Feature :
  • Single piece design with semi-rigid plaster padded
  • Foam to provide better immobilization
  • Large opening allows tracheotomy

  • Application :
  • Used in emergency to immobilize neck for accident victims.