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Hot Water Bottles / Tourniquet
Hot Water Bottles
  • Made from rubber

Hot Water Bottle - Plain Design
Item Code Capacity Size Type    
HW002 2 Ltr 3, 28 x 20 cm Large Size View Price / Details
HW003 1.75 Ltr 2, 25 x 18.5 cm Junior Size View Price / Details  
HW004 1 Ltr 1, 21.5 x 16 cm Baby Size View Price / Details  
Hot Water Bottle - One Side Ribbed Design
HW007 2 liter 3 (28 x 20cm) Mono Super Handle, One Side Ribbed - With Handle View Price / Details
Hot Water Bottle - Two Side Ribbed Design
HW010 2 liter 3 (28 x 20cm) Duo Super Handle, Two Side Ribbed with handle View Price / Details
Tourniquet Rubber with Velcro

Item Code Size  
RU067 Adult View Price / Details
RU068 Child View Price / Details