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Patient Transport Systems
HF480a Stretcher on Trolley
  • Size : 210L x 56W x 82H cms.
  • Frame work made of ERW tubular pipe of 31 mm. dia mounted on four 15 cms. dia. castors (2 with brakes).
  • Removable stretcher top made of CRC sheet pressed on epoxy coated tubular frame.
  • Brackets on alternate ends for IV drip rod.
  • Knockdown construction
HF600 Patient Trolley Superior
  • Size : 180L x 55W x 80H cms.
  • Frame work made of Stainless Steel Pipes
  • mounted on four castors (2 with brakes).
  • Brackets for IV drip rod.
  • Supplied completely with side railings and I.V. stand.
  • Knockdown construction.
HF483 Emergency & Recovery Trolley
  • Frame Size : Frame size : 210L x 68W cms Height adjustable mechanically by screw lever handle from 65 to 85 cms.
  • Frame work made of ERW tubular/rectangular pipes mounted on heavy duty castors of 15 cms. dia. (two with brakes).
  • Gas spring/screw lever mechanism for trendelenburg and R-trend & HI-LOW positions.
  • Flat top made of CRCA sheet with backrest adjustable on ratchet.
  • Telescopic saline stand with S.S. drip rod.
  • Swingway/sliding type protective railings.
  • Supplied with storage tray & built-in oxygen cylinder trolley.
  • NOTE : Also available with hydraulic pump and radiolucent top for x-ray.
HF5141 Stretcher Cum Chair Automatic Loading For Ambulance
  • When loading the stretcher in ambulance, the minimum height is 62cm.
  • Bed surface of the stretcher is made of foamed cushion, the material is waterproof, the backrest is adjustable.
  • Mechanical folding legs are controlled by the handles on both sides
  • Stretcher can be locked up after being aboard through the chute.
  • Stretcher can be arbitrarily adjusted by pneumatic spring, it can converted into a chair.
    Framework made of aluminium.
  • It is mainly used in limited space transporting patients, such as lift in hospital, ambulance, city road etc.
  • Size of castor : F125mm
    High position : 1915382cm, Low position : 1915325cm, Maximum
    Angle of the Back : 65, Self-weight : 39 Kg, Load Bearing : 181 Kg.
HF5120 Stretcher Automatic Loading For Ambulance
  • Light Weight, easy clean, anodized aluminium alloy framework with adjustable Back Angle 65
  • It has 3 step and 2 wheels of big and small according to any height of ambulance carriage bottom board.
  • Bed surface of stretcher made of foamed cushion with safety belts which makes the patient secure and comfortable.
  • The stretcher has safety lock.
  • The mechanical folding legs are controlled by the handles on both sides.
  • Only one person can load the patient to the ambulance (with this trolley) easily.
  • Size (LxWxH): High Position: 190x55x85cm, Low Position: 190x60x26cm.
  • Mechanical folding legs are controlled by the handles.
  • Stretcher can be locked after being aboard in Ambulance to avoid movement.
  • Size (LxWxH): High Position: 195x55x85cm, Low Position: 195x55x25cm.
  • Self-weight: 38 kg, Load Bearing: 181 kg.